ninjhax 2.7 with no debug colors or text

Before you use the otherapp/ropbin payload with an entry point (menuhax, ironhax, etc.), you should install it normally first.

Source code for these modified payloads can be found here.

Note that you can't use the current HANS with 9.6-crypto titles. You can use other homebrew such as save managers however.

To use homebrew with 9.6-crypto titles, you need a folder called "mmap" at the root of your SD card, with XML files for each 9.6-crypto title you want to use. You can find a repository of XML files here.

You will also need a newer Homebrew Launcher that supports launching titles with these XMLs. You can find one based on 56a3d77 commit here.

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Blank image display at menuhax boot

If you want to hide the image display so it won't display junk or "the menuhax loader", you want to place this imagedisplay.png at /3ds/menuhax_manager and then configure image display within menuhax_manager.

Bad QR Code/Payload

If a payload or QR code is not working or reports "invalid", and you are sure you picked the right model/firmware/region, then please create a new issue at GitHub.


smealum and co. for all of ninjhax 2.x
ihaveamac (me) for hiding the debug code
zoogie for pointing me in the right direction